Sending a SMS via our API is as simple as browsing a url. Just visit the api url with parameters like sender, receiver and message and the sms will be sent! It is that simple!!!

Affordable Pricing

SMS can be sent for as low as 1 cent. Pricing is straightforward without any spooky slabs or hidden charges or connection fees.

Worldwide Coverage

All accounts may send messages to any number worldwide via the same API. Leave all the inter-operator troubles for us, while you focus your attention on your application.

SMS Verification Service

Single call API to verify a user via SMS. Easiest and most reliable method to verify your application users.

SMS Widgets

Not into programming? No problem! We have ready-made widgets that you may embed in your website to receive any response from your users directly on your mobile phone, or user our widgets to let your users request for a call.

Please fill in the following form once you have bought credits to activate SMS API and MMS API in your account.

(With Country Code)
URL where SMS API will be implemented
Countries where you will send SMS or MMS. One per line.
How many SMS or MMS do you expect to send in a month via the SMS API?